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Let It Flow

”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”


Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)


We have heard this phrase at least once in our life. The statement, ” just go with the flow.” Well, it's easier said than done for most people. Going with the flow means abandoning whatever plan we had set in stone and blindly following the will of God. In our last blog post, Rooted in Stability, we discussed our need for physical security. In this post, we're going to take it up a level and discuss our need for emotional security. 

Do things that use to ignite the passion within you no longer seem to bring emotional fulfillment? Are you comfortable in the skin you're in? Do you have a safe space to genuinely express yourself? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the last two questions, your sacral chakra could be blocked.

The sacral chakra, the second chakra in the seven chakra system. It is located right below the navel and is associated with our emotions, sense of creativity, and sensuality. A blocked sacral chakra can physically manifest as lower back pain, kidney problems, and constipation. Emotional symptoms are feelings of depression, emotional instability, and lack of creativity. 

In our personal opinion, we believe that the sacral chakra is the hardest chakra to heal, especially when it comes to how we view ourselves physically. Society has always found a way to make both men and women feel that the way they look isn't desirable to everyone. Our bodies must look one way, our face another. We are constantly conditioned to change how we look, not for our betterment, but for a society that moves in a sense of vanity. 

With a blocked sacral chakra, not only have we judged on a physical scale but an emotional scale as well. To show any kind of emotion in today's world is either seen as a weakness or being overly dramatic. Why is expressing what makes one happy or sad or angry viewed as a weakness? You are entitled to your emotions. You are entitled to feel however you want or need to feel regardless of anyone's opinion on the matter. 

Reiterating our statement that the sacral chakra is one of the hardest chakras to heal can be especially true if you are an artist. Creative blocks are common for artists. The ability to create something innovative can be hard especially if you cannot relate or are uninspired by what you are creating.  For example, writing this blog can be difficult at times because not only are we trying to heal ourselves and help others heal too, we must do it in a way that's relatable. 

How do you heal your sacral chakra? Here are some methods you can try out. 

  1. Be creative. Whether that's through writing, painting, singing, dancing, or whatever feels fun to you is a great way to open your sacral chakra.
  2. Incorporate exercise and begin a healthy diet. 
  3. Water. The sacral chakra is associated with water, so replenishing yourself with it or even being near natural bodies of water can help bring your sacral chakra back in alignment.
  4. Say or write these sacral chakra affirmations
  • I am safe to express myself emotionally.
  • Everything about me is beautiful/handsome.
  • I am surrounded by people who genuinely support me.
  • Every day is a new day to be inspired.
  • A positive change awaits me and I fully embrace it.


-Happy Healing

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